Monday, October 03, 2005

Steve Gefvism

I was talking to my mate Clive about upgrading my Fox Micron SX Bite alarms to a set of three Delkim TXI’s, which is what Clive is using and he rates them highly. I have also heard about the new Delkim TXI Plus which comes in all the colours, red, green, blue, yellow, white and purple. I have called Delkim for a bit more information on these fishing bite alarms. I was given all the needed information about the bite alarms and the Delkim Pluses were also mentioned, a slightly cheaper alternative.
I am currently using Century NG 12ft 3.5tc fishing rods, so I really want a good set of bite alarms to go with these nice rods. I decided to go with the Delkim TXI Pluses. As it is going to be a nice weekend I’m off to my local fishery for 2 nights of Carp catching action. It will be the second time I’ve used my Trakker Armadillo Bivvy which I got at a very reasonable deal for
My last catch from my local fishery was a mirror carp of 28.4lb and a common carp of 25.10lb, my new common PB-UK. I caught these fish on Pro Gold (Terry Eustace) 12lb green Mainline to a Korda ready spliced lead core Leader, 3ox pear lead and blow back rig with a size 6 Gardiner Tallon Tip, with my favourite essential Shellfish B5 boilies.
As the weather is perfect today, I’m off for another session.

Steve Gefvism


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