Monday, October 03, 2005

Mary Gefvism

My son has decided to take up fishing with his dad. He has never shown an interest in fishing before so I was quite surprised when he wanted to go out with has dad to the local canal. He hasn’t got any of his own fishing tackle but he has decided he wants what his dad has got.
My son is 10 years old so I thought that buying new fishing tackle would make an excellent Christmas present. I’ve seen seat boxes, fishing rods, reels and all general tackle ideal for him at offering really good prices.
When they got back from fishing he had caught his first Perch of 1.2lb, a good size so I’m told. He was pleased with his catch. He was using ground bait and Maggots – Lovely.
So looks like someone is now sorted for Christmas, Fishing tackle. He will enjoy going to some of the local lakes with his dad. To catch more.

Mary Gefvism

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