Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Wonders of Mongolia

Ugiinuur lake is registered as a Ramsar Wetland in 1998. Lake is covered 25 kilometers and located in Ugiinuur sum Arkhangai province.

266 kinds of flora well as 20 kinds of mammals were observed. Especially, 129 species of wild birds are observed at this lake.

The birds are such as: ducks, cranes, herons and raptors.

Since the era of Chinggis Khaan, it has been traditionally preserved as a closed lake.


There you can meet real nomads. Nomads at Ugiinuur area are preserved well their traditional lives. Also they preserve their traditional culture well and inherit the senses of environmental conservation and nature worship from generation to generation.

Their daily lives themselves, such as making dairy products, cooking, firing and making clothes.

Ugiinuur Information and Training Center- Ecotour

Five of the local staffs are eager their best to explain the center’s exhibition. Also they organize eco tours through the survey on local resources.

1. Horse-back Birding

Watching birds from horse-back is unique to the Ugiinuur area. Mongolian horses are ponies by European standards, with a shoulder height of less than 1.5 m. However, they are very strong, with amazing stamina. Interpreters will take care your safety.

2.Morning Bird Watching

Tour begins early in the morning. The bird watching program will be conducted around the center in the morning when the birds are active.

Tourists should pay attention to the baby that are following their parents when they approach by horses or cars. The local proverb says ‘if you find the eggs of a crane slow down your horse, otherwise stirrups come up to punish you’.

3. Crafts making

Women of nomads produce crafts made from felt and other materials. Actually, the process of making felt with wool is very interesting. Tourists can participate crafts making process by an instructor of locals.

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