Monday, November 15, 2010

Loi Krathong

Loy Krathong is a event which occurs on the full moon of the 12th lunar month, a date which usually falls in November.

Loy means to float and a Krathong is a little, hand-made “boat” or “raft” traditionally made from the leaves or bark of a banana tree and decorated with origami-esque banana leaves, flowers, candles, and incense sticks. In current days, Krathongs are often made of specially baked bread, so the Krathongs are biodegradable, although many use styrofoam.

Many Thais trust that celebrating Loy Krathong by offering a krathong to the Water Goddess, Phra Mae Khongkha, will bring them good luck, particularly for couples, who will go to launch Krathongs together: a mainly auspicious event if the couple crafts their own krathong, although it is more common in modern days to simply buy krathongs from vendors close to the water.

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