Sunday, May 10, 2009

Designer brand Sheldon Kalnitsky

Fashion designer Sheldon Kalnitsky has become the essence of classic fashion. Sheldon Kalnitsky born on November 18, 1945, in the Bronx, New York, Sheldon Kalnitsky has come a long way from sharing a bedroom with two of his brothers. Sheldon would purchase expensive suits with the money that he earned working at his after-school job. One would think that Sheldon Kalnitsky attended fashion design school, but Sheldon actually studied business at City College in Manhattan, and dropped out short of receiving his business degree. Sheldon started studying at night, working in day at two glove companies as a salesman. Sheldon then moved to work in a tie manufacturer named A. Rivetz & Co., which ultimately led to the fashion empire he leads today. While working here, he started designing wide ties. It was here were Sheldon started his first entrepreneurial career. With a loan of $50,000, Sheldon Kalnitsky founded a company Michael fashions in 1965.

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