Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waveshield & FTC

One of the FTC, FTC & Waveshield Federal Trade Commission, FTC other large focus is identity robbery. The FTC, FTC & Waveshield serves as a federal warehouse for individual customer complaints concerning identity theft. Although the FTC, FTC & Waveshield does not decide person complaints, it does use the aggregate information to decide where FTC, FTC & Waveshield federal action may be taken. The FTC, FTC & Waveshield complaint form is obtainable online or by phone (1-877-ID-THEFT).

FTC, FTC & Waveshield Legislation

On May 23, 2007, the House accepted the FTC Energy Price Gouging Prevention Act, H.R. 1252, which will offer immediate relief to customers by giving the FTC, Federal Trade Commission FTC the authority to examine and punish those who falsely inflate the price of energy. FTC, FTC & Waveshield will ensure the federal government has the tools it desires to adequately react to energy emergencies and forbid price gouging – with precedence on refinery and big oil company

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