Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why do trekkers from across the globe haunt India’s Himalayan ranges.

It is not just the ruggedness that is infatuating, but the celestial and humbling beauty of nature that swathe its hills and dales. Camp in the wild (animals won’t harm, till you harm them), cook food (like our ancestors did), let your hair down and dance the nights away (better if you volunteer to teach a localite some hip-shaking in exchange of the jungle jinga-la-la), and sleep under the blue sky (make a hole in your tent-roof to gaze at the stars!).....


Garhwal Himalayas: Himalayas most beautiful slice is called the Garhwal. The Ganges, Nanda Devi sanctuary, the bewitching Valley of flowers, Hindu pilgrimage sites Badrinath and Kedarnath, there is an endless list that awaits the vision. The best part is the unpredictable weather and the changing terrain. Whether, impressed by the celestial beauty or because of the pilgrim interest, they call it ‘Dev Bhumi’ (abode of the gods). For treks in the higher regions go between April and November, while lower regions are best trekked between December and February. The snow-fall is awesome!!!

Kumaon Himalayas: The starting point of the rivers Pindar, Gori, Dhauli, E. And Kuti, form the main trekking and mountaineering regions. As you trek through the ardous track, you are more than reminded of the great hunter Jim Corbett (of ‘Man eaters of Kumaon’ fame). And if you have read his book, you sure will day-dream seeing him crawl with his gun for the man-eater. No more man-eaters, just unending excitement.

Ladakh: If trekking right upto the sky sounds exciting and higher the altitude, the better, than Ladakh -- between the Great Himalayan range and the Tibetan Plateau at 3000 m above the sea level, is just the zone for you.

Himachal: Four mountain ranges -- the Dhaula Dhar, Pir Panjal, Himalayas and Zanskar, alongwith a myriad local cultures, pristine valleys, deep gorges, plummeted orchards, meadows -- and what not, Himachal treks are the most enriching. There are about two dozen passes on the Dhauladhar, a dozen over the Pirpanjal range and 8-10 passes over the Great Himalayan range to cross over to the Zanskar valley.

Sikkim & Darjeeling: Mount Kanchenjunga is Sikkim and Darjeeling’s claim to fame besides the cultural potpourri of Bhutia, Lepacha and Tibetian races. Endless green tea gardens, an eclectic diaspora of flora and fauna, the quaint toy train (an World Heritage site), some of the most colorful Buddhist festivals, adventure sports --- your trekking tour has tango, more exciting than the humbling white peaks. Go there during April to May and October to November

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