Friday, June 11, 2010

The National Mall & Memorial Parks

The National Mall & Memorial Parks, where America and the World come to reflect, admiration and party, presents the symbols of our self-governing evolution spread over 1,000 acres in the heart of our Nation’s Capitol.
As an urban oasis, the National Mall & Memorial Parks contributes significantly to the open expansive landscape character of Washington, D.C.

Among 28 monuments and memorials, some 19,000 trees have been planted throughout the park, many beautifully reflected in prominent water-features such as the Lincoln Reflecting Pool and Constitution Gardens Lake.

Visitors to the National Mall & Memorial Parks bystander historic moments in time like the dedication of the World War II Memorial where hundreds of thousands of veterans and members of America’s Greatest Generation poured into our Nation’s Capital. Thousands more were present for the State Funeral of former President Reagan, the annual National Independence Day Celebrations or the Smithsonian Folklife Festivals as well as the recent dedication of the National Museum of the American Indian. Every year, visitors take advantage of over 3,000 events ranging from parades to national days of compliment and observance to public demonstrations such as the Promise Keepers.

staffs distinguish themselves with unprecedented responsibility in managing multiple events, activities and programs all within a diverse playing field without boundaries. They serve as ambassadors to over 25 million national, international and local visitors and dignitaries each year. They further promote strong partnerships, progressive research, as well as unique park programs, experiences and outdoor recreational opportunity.