Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The DHL Balloon's

The DHL Balloon's lease on its site on Tan Quee Lan Street expired in August 2008[5], and URA has terminated the lease as it has plans for the site. Singapore Ducktours was considering three alternative sites: Beach Road near Park View Hotel, Clarke Quay near Novotel Clarke Quay Hotel, and Gardens by the Bay at Marina Bay. Other plans included relocating the balloon to Kuala Lumpur or Johor Baru in Malaysia. Terminating the venture will cost the company S$1.2 million.

The DHL Balloon is relocated to Gibraltar, which is south of Barcelona on 3 October 2008 for cleaning and servicing, because it earmarked for the Bugis MRT Station. Formerly it was based at Paris, and then it moved to Valencia, Spain after a few weeks, and then in Barcelona. For a tour, it went to Tangiers, Morocco. It went to London which is after cleaning and servicing, then moved to Glasgow, then Belfast and then Toronto, Canada, briefly kept. It went there to Boston, USA and thereafter to New York City, USA

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