Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Helan Mountain Guangzong Temple (the South Temple) Ecological Tourism District

Located in the southern foot of Helan Mountain, 90 kilometers from Yinchuan and 30 kilometers from Bayanhot, the district integrates Tibetan buddhism culture with natural sceneries of Helan Mountain. Helan Mountain is in the middle southern periphery of the Mongolian plateau, the biggest one going from the south to north across the northwestern part of China. With 520,000 mu of natural secondary forest, the district is a State grade natural protection area, national forest park and an important ecological barrier in the north-western part of China. With a total area of 50 square kilometers, Helan Guangzong Temple was built in 1756 to 1760 and named by the Qianlong Emperor in the Qing dynasty, the Guangzong Temple, which is famous among Mongolian and Tibetan religious circles for the mortal body tope of the sixth Dalailama enshrined and worshiped therein. With complete set of basic facilities and service functions, the tourist district possesses natural and calm environment which makes people completely relaxed and reluctant to part with.

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