Wednesday, December 31, 2008

'CLASS DIAMONDS' graduate with honours

Twenty people from South Ayrshire with learning disabilities, the youngest aged in their 20's and the oldest in their 60's, have all successfully graduated from a 'Class Diamonds' course which was held in the Citadel in Ayr.The 'Class Diamonds' initiative was originally launched in September 2002, to encourage people approaching or in retirement, to remain active in their homes and in their communities. The course aims to encourage exercise and activity, raise health and safety awareness, and courses have been successfully run throughout South Ayrshire.

A course for people with physical disabilities was run in 2005, and it became apparent that people with learning disabilities would benefit from a course specially designed for them.By working together members of the South Ayrshire Community Safety Partnership, the South Ayrshire Sports Development Team and NHS Ayrshire & Arran adapted the course to meet the needs of the participants.

To mark the achievement of those who took part in the course the Convener of South Ayrshire Council's Community Safety Committee, Councillor Hugh Hunter and the Chair of the South Ayrshire Community Safety Partnership, Councillor Douglas Campbell presented each class member with a certificate. The invited guests and members of the class then enjoyed refreshments and a special celebration 'Class Diamonds' cake.

Councillor Hugh Hunter said: "I would like to congratulate everyone who attended and successfully completed the course."After speaking to members of the course, I very quickly became aware just how much fun everyone involved in this 'Class Diamonds' course has had."The range of activities and topics covered in the 'Class Diamonds' course is always interesting and varied, and this course has been no exception."People with learning disabilities should have the same opportunity to participate in courses as everyone else. With hard work from those involved in organising the course, it was able to be adapted, but the essence of it remained the same."

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marine Parks

Marine parks are established over tidal lands and waters to protect and conserve the values of the natural marine environment while allowing for its sustainable use.Multiple-use management allows for many different activities in marine parks. Zoning plans set out the kinds of activities that can occur within each area.Marine parks protect a range of habitats including mangrove wetlands, seagrass beds, mudflats, sandbanks, beaches, rocky outcrops and fringingreefs. Marine park boundaries can be established over tidal lands and waters up to the highest astronomical tide. They include the subsoil below and airspace above the boundaries. The plants and animals within the boundary are also part of the marine park.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Exchanging Shares

A "family of funds" is a group of mutual funds that share administrative and distribution systems. Each fund in a family may have different investment objectives and follow different strategies.Some funds offer exchange privileges within a family of funds, allowing shareholders to transfer their holdings from one fund to another as their investment goals or tolerance for risk change. While some funds impose fees for exchanges, most funds typically do not. To learn more about a fund's exchange policies, call the fund's toll-free number, visit its website, or read the "shareholder information" section of the prospectus.Bear in mind that exchanges have tax consequences. Even if the fund doesn't charge you for the transfer, you'll be liable for any capital gain on the sale of your old shares — or, depending on the circumstances, eligible to take a capital loss.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Investment Incentives

There are many reasons why Poland is so attractive to investors. Among the most significant are the size of the Polish market, the low labour costs, the perspectives for economic growth and the availability of personnel.

Our country is open for investors. Poland’s legal system is favourable to the establishment of businesses by aliens and the government offers many instruments for support. PAIiIZ can help by enabling foreign investors to make use of the rich choice of offers provided for their assistance.

Poland offers foreign investors many incentives for investments which are tailored to their needs. There are possibilities to link various forms of aid - e.g. in Special Economic Zones - and tax incentives that are issued by the Gmina (local authorities) councils.The EU structural funds also support investments in Poland. These are not only direct, but also indirect investments, which help to build and modernise the existing infrastructure.

These are the main reasons why it is worthwhile investing in Poland:

* The investment incentives in the various special economic zones and Gminas,
* The availability of funding through EU structural funds,
* The availability of a broad range of locations on Brownfield and Greenfield sites, at attractive prices to investors,
* Special Economic Zones,
* Industrial and Technology Parks,
* Sectors of great opportunities.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Venomous Lionfish invades coastal waters

Native to the tropical Indo-Pacific region, lionfish are often kept in both public and private aquariums. Since 2000, however, lionfish have been observed, primarily by SCUBA divers in coral, rocky and artificial reefs along the southeast coast of the U.S., from Florida to North Carolina and also throughout the Bahamas, Bermuda and Cuba. In more recent years lionfish have also been caught by bottom fishing anglers. Scientists expect lionfish to continue to disperse throughout the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Keys. There is also increasing concern among fishery scientists that lionfish, having no natural enemies, may adversely impact natural fish populations. In addition, this fish has venomous spines and may pose a danger to divers and anglers alike. NOAA would like to encourage fishermen to be extremely cautious and avoid contact with the venomous spines of the lionfish and to help us spread the word to other anglers.