Monday, December 08, 2008

Investment Incentives

There are many reasons why Poland is so attractive to investors. Among the most significant are the size of the Polish market, the low labour costs, the perspectives for economic growth and the availability of personnel.

Our country is open for investors. Poland’s legal system is favourable to the establishment of businesses by aliens and the government offers many instruments for support. PAIiIZ can help by enabling foreign investors to make use of the rich choice of offers provided for their assistance.

Poland offers foreign investors many incentives for investments which are tailored to their needs. There are possibilities to link various forms of aid - e.g. in Special Economic Zones - and tax incentives that are issued by the Gmina (local authorities) councils.The EU structural funds also support investments in Poland. These are not only direct, but also indirect investments, which help to build and modernise the existing infrastructure.

These are the main reasons why it is worthwhile investing in Poland:

* The investment incentives in the various special economic zones and Gminas,
* The availability of funding through EU structural funds,
* The availability of a broad range of locations on Brownfield and Greenfield sites, at attractive prices to investors,
* Special Economic Zones,
* Industrial and Technology Parks,
* Sectors of great opportunities.

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