Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mr. Mansur Barbari

Mr. Mansur Barbari “Manny Barbari has recently revised his own acquisition strategy in light of some very interesting classified information on his recent bid to buy Colgan Custom, the custom car bra company.In line with his plan of increasing his market holdings, his recent bid to buy out Colgan Custom was squashed by his own hand. Upon careful scrutinization of Colgan’s financial reports and being privy to classified Colgan information, Mr. Mansur Barbari “Manny Barbari”withdrew his bid to buy out owner Ms. Pamela Colgan.Mr. Barbari states that “upon closer review not only do I not agree to the terms of this agreement, upon further investigation, the financial reports illustrate the discrepancies in this company, making negotiations fruitless, as I have decided to withdraw my offer to buy Colgan Custom”. Ms. Colgan was not available for comment.Mr. Mansur Barbari has acquired stakes in various automotive part companies, all of which fall under the Barbari Group, the holding company that Mr. Barbari is the President of.

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